• ​Are the best and most natural teachers for their children.

  • Have the right to choose the curriculum and method of education which best suits their children and family situation.  


  • Can successfully homeschool their children.

The administrators and staff at Florida Freedom Academy are united in their belief that parents

Academic advising including K-12 and college planning

transcript maintenance with gpa calculation

diplomas for graduates

assistance with dual enrollment in Hillsborough, pasco, and pinellas counties

assistance with florida bright futures applications and requirements

we provide

Mrs. Gunn and her husband, Randall, have two sons who are both home education graduates.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology from Rutgers University and has taught many science, English, and math classes in the Tampa Bay area since 2000.   During the upcoming school year, she plans to teach math and science classes at Class Source of Tampa, located in Lutz, Florida.

Mrs. Gunn is also privately available for tutoring, academic advising and assistance outside Florida Freedom Academy to those homeschooling families who wish to remain registered with their local school districts. Private assistance with many of the same services is available on an hourly or yearly basis.  Contact the school for further information.

Our Director, Mrs. Donna Gunn

​No two students have exactly the same skills or learning styles and no two families have the same dynamics.  You know your child better than anyone else.  You already have the fundamental bond with your child that will naturally lead you to be his best teacher.

​Whether you choose to do all of the teaching yourself or have some of your teaching done through tutors and co-ops, you can successfully homeschool your child.  Florida Freedom Academy supports your freedom to do so.  We can help you with the details.  We specialize in supporting you in your homeschooling journey by providing the tools and advising you want while letting you remain in control of the academics and educational methods.  Homeschooling can seem overwhelming, especially in the high school years.  It doesn't have to be.  We can help.